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Our gallery began in 2010 from the joy and excitement that we felt after visiting several artists and showings here in the Appalachian region of western North Carolina. When we decided to embark on this adventure, we wanted to open a contemporary art gallery with edgy products, just a tad away from traditional pottery and paintings.

Another goal of ours was to visit as many artists as possible, find out how they work and hand pick them for our shop. Our selection guideline is simply stated, “If we like it, we can sell it!”

Taupe Gallery is an unexpected surprise. The vignettes of clay, paintings, glass, and jewelry converge into a warm and inviting experience.

Taupe Gallery is the love of its purveyors Jim Lyall and Steve Key. Together for 9 years, they have explored the foothills and mountain region of North Carolina. The culmination of their quests is a varied array of hundreds of artists they meet and collaborate with to bring you the creations you seek. While we showcase artists from all over the country, easily 65% of them are located in the Western North Carolina mountains and foothills.

Jim and Steve, individually or together are on site to welcome you. Any questions about the works displayed are answered with stories and a smile. Visiting Taupe Gallery lifts your spirit by the art you observe and the engaging conversations.

Visitors to our gallery often comment that they have never seen a collection of artists and their works this unique in any other gallery and that we have a great eye for finding pieces that are unconventional and special. One of our guidelines is to offer only handcrafted, one-of-a-kind works.


305 Tenth Street
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
+1 336 990 0148

Patrons have been overheard saying:

"I had no idea such a wonderful gallery existed here!"

"This is the kind of space you see in a big city without all the stuffiness."

"I had no idea what I wanted until Jim and Steve listened to what I had in mind."

These comments and countless others are the results of Jim and Steve making art something you talk about, touch, photograph, and experience in your home. The cold, antiseptic, stand off and gasp at the price is the complete opposite attitude of Taupe Gallery. Walking in, you immediately feel the colors, textures, and comfort of walking into the home of a friend. Jim and Steve welcome you to take pictures and experience the art.

Talk about taking a road trip now for an adventure you will enjoy.

Taupe is worth the trip.


I have always dreamed in color. From bold designs to subtle hues, my path has always been entwined in design and art. I have spent my whole life creating environments, whether it was a big box hardware store or small retail shops.

I never planned to become an interior designer or gallery owner, it just evolved naturally.

With the resources of Taupe Gallery and my decades of experience working with clients, together, I can transform your space, whether commercial or residential.

I like to adapt to my client's needs, to create a personalized palette on how you want to live. With Taupe Gallery, I can bring various works into your home, allowing you to see how it blends and enhances your space, allowing you to fall in love with art.

I look forward to discussing your home or business design needs. Loving where toy live and work, you dream it, I can design it, together bringing art to life.

My goal at Taupe Gallery was to bring a bright, colorful, and ever-changing art gallery to North Wilkesboro, NC. To be a brght spot on 10th street with a great selection of art from amazing artists.

"Every time I walk into Taupe Gallery, it puts me in a really good mood. It's all here."

It all started with a dream.

Three in the morning, my day begins. I rise before work to search the web for new artists. Primarily my search is to NC, SC, TN, and VA, but now Taupe has artists from coast to coast. Wherever I find one-of-a-kind, unique, and beautiful art, I ask the artists to share their work with Taupe Gallery in North Wilkesboro.

By six AM, I have already loaded a railcar and several trucks with the board from Weyerhaeuser. Making sure the freshly manufactured wood is secure for its transport across the country. After a long day at the plant, I head to my farms to take care of the cattle. Farm work never ends, particularly if you need to bottle feed several calves.

After making sure the herd is fed and happy, I end my day at Taupe Gallery on 10th street in North Wilkesboro. I continue to collaborate with our artists, make sure new items are unwrapped from their bubble protection, and ship out sold items to their new homes. Did I day, "I also do all the bookkeeping?"

The highlight of any day, I get to spend in thee gallery, is interacting with our customers. I love talking with them about what they are looking for to brighten their home, purchase a gift, or get something for themselves.

It is safe to say I have many Passions, but my hear is where the art is. My weekends are filled with what I call "Art Adventures," our road trips to find and pick up art from out of town artists, I love meeting and talking to all the wonderful artists we have in Taupe Gallery.

Taupe Gallery is worth the drive. Stop by, say hello, and pick up something pretty!

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