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Taupe Gallery is proud to carry a great selection of oil-on-canvas works of this North Carolinian artist. Come check out Taupe Gallery to see them in real life. 

Alicia Armstrong currently lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina. 

She began taking art classes in middle school in painting, printmaking and ceramics.  Eventually she made her way to University of North Carolina, Asheville where she received her BFA. Two pieces from her exhibition were purchased by the University for their permanent collection. 

Alicia paints primarily on wood panels using graphite, oil, and charcoal; her process produces highly textural works, whose layers convey the beauty and struggle of movement and transition, capturing moments.   

When she's not in the studio, you can find her on the tennis court, yoga mat or in the kitchen whipping up her favorite curry for her two teenage boys.

Her new body of work: Abstract Landscapes, represents an adventurous departure from her previous series. Her new paintings, through a creative manipulation of materials and rare sensitivity to color and tone, are simultaneously abstract and boldly representational.


What at first glance may appear to be washes of color that conclude with expressive, tactile features that end in drippings or dramatic concentrations of color, become suggestive of landscape, dramatic horizon lines, the interior of a rock formation, or even outer space.


The application of materials she later removes to create hard lines also forms transparent layers, which lead viewers to wonder where these mysterious, but defined paths lead.  


Figures have often featured prominently in her work, but again, this series defies that pattern. Instead, viewers are left with more questions than answers, about the future, about destinations, and about what they are seeing. Organic tones of green, blue, and a warm red imbue these works, and contribute to the feeling that these scenes continue outside of each canvas’ confines.

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