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Tim Turner, a North Carolinian pottery artist, is well represented in Taupe Gallery. We carry mugs, plates & bowls. Please come in and check out our Tim Turner selection. Here's a little bit more information on his work.
Tim Turner creates functional stoneware and porcelain pottery, to enhance the day. He strives to make simple and quiet forms, sometimes altering the shape by pinching, scraping or drawing in the clay with different tools. These textures affect glazes by thinning them on exposed edges and thickening in crevasses thus making subtle changes in the color.

Most of his pots today are first glazed with either a red or white shino glaze, which has its roots in 1500-1600 Japanese ceramics. After drying for 24 hours, patterns are drawn with wax and a final glaze is either sprayed on or the pots are dipped in the glaze. The pieces are then loaded into a gas kiln, fingers are crossed, a broad spectrum of things are offered to the kiln gods and they are fired to 2350 degrees. Two days later the kiln is cool enough to unload. The kiln gods are usually thanked, occasionally cursed and the cycle begins again.

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